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Welcome to our Blog, where we take you on a journey through the lives, passion and achievement of our community.

We run a fortnightly blog that captures our journeys, client and community voices, advocacy, achievement and challenges at the Western Sydney MRC. The blog builds on the strengths of an online news platform, with opinionated but informed commentary from writers with specialist expertise in their areas of practice.

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Childcare Subsidy A Significant Leap in Overcoming Work Barriers for CALD Women

Childcare Subsidy: A Significant Leap in Overcoming Work Barriers for CALD Women

Childcare subsidies hold immense potential in empowering culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) women, enabling them to overcome work barriers and achieve better settlement outcomes. With a focus on affordability, these subsidies make quality early childhood education and care accessible, paving the way for increased workforce participation and community engagement.

Empowering CALD Women In Leadership Transformative Training Sessions

Empowering CALD Women in Leadership: Transformative Training Sessions

Introduction Last weekend, a remarkable Women in Leadership Program took place, bringing together CALD (Culturally and Linguistically Diverse) women from various backgrounds. This self-funded training session aimed to inspire, educate, and empower these women to overcome challenges and lead with confidence. Among the esteemed speakers

NSW Settlement Strategy image

Western Sydney MRC welcomes NSW Settlement Strategy

Media Release, From Western Sydney MRC – 28th February 2023 Western Sydney Migrant Resource Centre (WSMRC) welcomes the NSW Settlement Strategy as an important initiative to improve settlement outcomes for people from refugee and refugee-like backgrounds living in NSW. It will serve as a bridge

Settlement - SCOA-meeting-August-2022

Settlement In Review August 2022

The Minister for Immigration, Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs, Andrew Giles hosted the first sector face-to-face CEO meeting in three years at Parliament House.


Western Sydney MRC’s Submission to improve the Crimes Legislation (Coercive Control)

Amendment (Coercive Control) Bill 2022Prepared and submitted by: Mary Hilmi IntroductionWestern Sydney Migrant Resource Centre (Western Sydney MRC) is a community-based non-profit organisation established to relieve the situation of people and communities actively and directly from diverse backgrounds whose social condition finds them disadvantaged. We


Improving crisis communications to CALD communities

Western Sydney MRC welcomes the opportunity to provide a submission into the inquiry by the New South Wales Legislative Assembly’s Committee on Community Services on ‘How to improve crisis communications to culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities. We recognise the importance and urgency of this inquiry and support the government’s efforts to develop a multicultural engagement strategy informed by lived experiences. We hope our direct feedback on crisis communications issues will add robustness and authenticity to the engagement strategies.

CALD communities concerns

SouthWest Sydney CALD communities voiced their concerns – where to from here post-election?

aking this responsibility seriously, Western Sydney MRC and Metro Assist partnered to run a Community Consultation Tour for the Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities in Canterbury-Bankstown area on 24th March 2022. Employing a community capacity building approach, the consultation session was held online via zoom to identify key issues as described by the communities as well as provide them with resources such as the Community Civic Participation Toolkit and well as Local Government Areas based snapshots.  

meet the candidates 2022

Meet the Candidates 2022

Continuous political engagement for our diverse and multicultural communities. In keeping with our mission to empower, inform and connect the diverse communities in Liverpool and surrounding areas, Western Sydney MRC held its 6th Meet the Candidates’ Forum last night (May 4 2022) in the lead

Resumption of Humanitarian Arrivals

Western Sydney MRC welcomes the announcement of The Hon. Scott Morrison Prime Minister of Australia, on 22 November, to resume humanitarian arrivals under the humanitarian program.

Western Sydney MRC CEO interviews Liverpool City Council Mayoral Candidates 2021.

Ahead of Election Day, 4th December Western Sydney MRC CEO Kamalle Dabboussy sat down with five (5) Liverpool City Council Mayoral Candidates to understand their position on critical issues identified by community leaders.
Western Sydney MRC had the opportunity to collate some important questions from our community leaders and ask them directly to the candidates. This gives you the opportunity to connect and be educated about who can facilitate the needs of the multicultural community in Liverpool.

Engaging Policy Makers post lockdown

It was a busy morning at Western Sydney MRC as our office has just begun reopening to the staff since lockdown. We were delighted to be welcoming Mr Chris Minns, Leader of the NSW Labor Party and Mr Stephen Kamper, the Shadow Minister for Small Business, Property and Multiculturalism, for a roundtable discussion and a presentation of our recent Pulse report. Joining them was the local Liverpool city councillor Mr Nathan Hagarty, ex-chair of the Western Sydney MRC board. 

miwork employment program

MiWork Employment Success Story with Fida

At Western Sydney MRC our MiWork employment program continued to operate and facilitate training online to support those who were registered in the program. The MiWork employment program aims to assist individuals in identifying their skills and interests and begin career pathways towards success. The program is designed to create strategies that generate employment opportunities. This program will provide career and further education advice for the betterment of your future. 

Impacts of Covid-19 – The Pulse of South West Sydney CALD communities

This research was conducted by Western Sydney MRC based on the rapidly evolving COVID-19 Delta outbreak in Sydney, specifically South West Sydney (SWS). To develop rapid responses, Western Sydney MRC conducted a survey-based study to hear directly from the Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities living in the area.
The purpose of the research is to provide a platform for the voices of the SWS CALD communities in lockdown to be
heard, recorded and amplified. Insights garnered from the report are drawn on to develop actionable recommendations that are fit for purpose, both in the immediate and long term.

Amazing Response To Welcome Dinner Project

The Welcome Dinner Project 2017 Thursday 9th March 2017. With such an amazing response to Liverpool’s Welcome Dinner in 2016, held at the Liverpool MRC, The Welcome Dinner Project came together again with Liverpool MRC and Liverpool City Council to host a second. The Venue – Casula Powerhouse Casula Powerhouse

Celebrating National Volunteer Week 2021

Western Sydney MRC is an essential service providing ongoing support to our clients and community. Our volunteers have continued to be part of the MRC Family supporting us to deliver services across many programs.  

Bringing the young voices to the table. Why, how and where to next

The current Delta outbreak in NSW has had devastating consequences across different demographics but one segment of the population slipping through the cracks are young people from migrant backgrounds.

Recent research on youth and COVID19 impacts documents ‘labour market scarring’, wherein young people’s pandemic induced unemployment could be prolonged making it harder for them to re-enter the labour market. Young people, including those born overseas, are bearing the brunt of COVID restrictions, particularly in the hospitality and retail sectors.

In addition to the loss of jobs, lockdown restrictions and police presence, there is a vast amount of misinformation regarding vaccinations circulating in our youth communities. Direct engagement with youth, specifically in the South West Sydney region, highlighted the need for a platform where they could come to the table, register their concerns, get responses to their queries and be visible.


Sound of Terra huge success

On 13 June 2021, Sumer Association partnered with Western Sydney MRC to hold the ‘Sound of Terra’ festival as an early kick-off to Refugee Week. The Sound of Terra event was a resounding success, with around 300 people in attendance, including numerous VIPs.

Meet the MRC team

Meet our team

All our team is dedicated to their work, their clients and their community. This year our annual report highlighted a few of the team, each with drive, passion and empathy.

PeerLink Review 2020

PeerLink Community Connectors Admon and Lina and team Coordinator Michelle recently got together at the end of 2020 to reflect on Western Sydney MRC’s PeerLink program. PeerLink started in August this year (2020) and was designed to address the needs and challenges of those concerned about their mental health and/or disability. “Our objective was to assist participants in socialising and coming together, making friends, increasing referral pathways but most importantly making connections, a place to listen, sharing stories and experiences,” says Michelle. The development of this program was gained from insight from the Circles of Sustainability report in 2017 undertaken in partnership with by WSU.

Labor’s Multicultural Statement and Settlement Outcomes research.

This is the Labor Party’s vision of the Settlement sector and its vision of social inclusive society and Australia. The Labor Party hopes that from this statement it can bring together community, to build on the success of our current multicultural Australia.

Congratulations SSI

On behalf of Western Sydney MRC, can we congratulate SSI on its 20th Year.  It is remarkable to see SSI’s outstanding growth, with the dedication and hard work of all involved, it has achieved a remarkable outcome. 

A roundtable with Jodi Mckay MP

On the 26th October 2020, Western Sydney MRC took part in the Community roundtable with Jodi Mckay MP- NSW Opposition Leader and Shadow Minister and Greg Warren MP- Shadow Minister for Western Sydney, Local Government and Veterans. Alongside other NSW Settlement Partner organisations and community leaders, we advocated for issues impacting migrants and refugees in the South Western Sydney community.

Mental health and wellbeing and employment support.

With such a focus on numbers, statistics and KPIs, we want to ensure that the people at the heart of our support, are seen, that their stories and journeys are highlighted, just enough for our communities to be reminded of what we do. Highlighting the struggles, challenges and hardship of the individuals and people we support, alongside their wins and celebrations.

Women’s Health and Safety Roundtable

It was an honour to be one of the many women invited to the 13th roundtable for ‘Women’s Health and Safety’ held by the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Minister for Women, Senator the Hon. Marise Payne. With representatives from across Western Sydney including from

Western Sydney MRC CEO Kamalle Dabboussy celebrates 17 years at the MRC.

Western Sydney MRC CEO Kamalle Dabboussy today celebrates his 17th anniversary at the MRC. 17 years of dedication. His career and spare time unwaveringly devoted to the community.  “Congratulations on 17 years with the MRC. For close to two decades you have shown dedication and

CALD community connection is stronger than ever

In late July 2020, Western Sydney MRC and CORE Community Services partnered to hold their most attended Community* webinar to date attended by the CEO of Multicultural NSW Joseph La Posta. Alongside Joseph La Posta, MP Melanie Gibbons, Member for Holsworthy and Guy Zangari, Member for Fairfield). The online community forum proved yet again that opportunities to facilitate dialogue and information exchange between Government, community and grassroots organisations is a successful undertaking and valued greatly by all.

Domestic Violence, Resilience and a New Beginning

With such a focus on numbers, statistics and KPIs, we want to ensure that the people at the heart of our support, are seen, that their stories and journeys are highlighted, just enough for our communities to be reminded of what we do. Highlighting the

Mandaean New Year – Karsa

Mandaeanism is one of the oldest gnostic religions to date. It is believed to be at least 2,000 years old. Mandaeans are a small religious and ethnic group that follow the teachings of John the Baptist. They were mainly settled in Iraq and Iran, however, due to persecution and the on-going war, Mandaeans were forced to flee and are now settled in different countries all around the world.

Parenting, Education, Health and Wellbeing Case Study

Lives Behind the numbers Case Study Meet Aber*, mother of 3 beautiful sons. Arriving almost a year and a half ago, her sons were now enrolled in school, two attending local public school and one of preschool age. She had been informed by the primary

Australian Institute of Family Studies

Youth Worker Gizem attended the Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS) Webinar in May which explored the potential impacts of COVID-19 on those leaving state care. Young people in care already face so many challenges, with the age of the exit beginning plan beginning very young. The webinar explored the potential impact of COVID-19 on young care leavers, and strategies to strengthen their social and emotional wellbeing.

Youth Summit 2020

From the consultation, the local Iraqi young people showed a strong passion and were deeply invested in the protests in Iraq. However, they did not have a clear way of expressing themselves collectively. They wished to find ways to create positive support and to overcome feelings of uselessness.

Community Health Forum

Western Sydney MRC together with NSW Refugee Health Service brings you the first in the series of digital community forums. Our forum series aim to keep us connected, engaged and informed, building community and organisations capacity to connect through different platforms and channels.

SameSame Different Episode Six – Meet Tanya

Meet Tanya Nellestein. Tanya joins Western Sydney MRC on our new venture of the discovery of Western Sydney and its rich diversity through storytelling and the amazing world of podcasts.

SameSame Different Episode Three – Meet Lucy

Inclusion Comes From Acceptance About Our Podcast – SameSame Different – This Is Western Sydney This podcast series leverages the beauty, richness and uniqueness of cultural diversity, and highlight the triumph and strength of participants who represent cultural diversity. We seek to highlight the triumphs

SameSame Different Episode Two – Meet Zinah

About Our Podcast – SameSame Different – This Is Western Sydney This podcast series leverages the beauty, richness and uniqueness of cultural diversity, and highlight the triumph and strength of participants who represent cultural diversity. We seek to highlight the triumphs and shared humanity across

Courageous Journeys – 40 years and counting.

For 40 years Western Sydney MRC has delivered services, programs, and projects to many clients and communities. The Western Sydney melting pot holds an assortment of culturally and linguistically diverse people, and those that have crossed our path have sought a variety of supports, connections,

SBS Meet the Broadcaster – Sydney 2019

On Wednesday evening, Western Sydney MRC was delighted to attend the SBS Meet the Broadcaster Sydney event at Chauvel Cinemas in Paddington. In a recent SBS-commissioned report, Deloitte Access Economics quantified the economic dividend of increased social inclusion in Australia. The report asked key questions

Senator Kristina Keneally visit Western Sydney MRC

Senator Kristina Keneally toured our Liverpool office and joined us for a round table discussion with active community members and Community leaders, using the opportunity to meet with different community groups and their leaders.

Texas A&M International University Student Visit

Western Sydney MRC was delighted to hold a 2 day Interactive workshops series with students. We were contacted by American Institute of Foreign Study (AIFS), to request participation in the program, and on Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd May, we were delighted to welcome 13 students from the Texas A&M International University.

The Hon. Ray Williams MP – February 2019 visit

Western Sydney MRC was once again honoured to receive The Hon. Ray Williams MP, and received a cheque for $20,000 to support the launch of a podcast and an additional $5,000 from Melanie Gibbons MP to assist with the delivery of youth activities including Rock and Water and the school holiday camp.

Migration Triptychs

Migration Triptychs aimed at capturing those three stages of rebirth by telling the stories of residents from the Liverpool LGA, those who came to Australia seeking asylum from conflicts in Iraq. The stories are captured as “digital triptychs”: digital animations with graphics, audio and written words, played on three sections: life before coming to Australia, on the left-hand side partition; the journey between lands, at the centre; and life in Australia, on the right-hand side partition.

School Holiday Activities

Helping families, young people and children expand their social participation in Liverpool – providing a tour and a ceramics workshop to showcase the Powerhouse and its creative offerings. Thanks to Casula Powerhouse for their generosity and welcoming attitude to recent migrants and refugees.

School Holiday Activities – Northbridge Footgulf.

Soccer and golf have been mashed together to create Footgulf. Our amazing youth group also got to learn how to travel to Sydney City and North Sydney. We were able to facilitate and provide new opportunities for young people to develop new skills and interests, their capacity to be independent, and their access to wider Sydney is one of the important goals of the youth program.

Joint Standing Committee on Migration

The Liverpool Migrant Resource Centre welcomes the opportunity to make this submission to the Joint Standing Committee on Migration and the opportunity to reflect on the efficiency and effectiveness of our service and the settlement sector more broadly.

Western Sydney MRC Team Up with Sydney Thunder

The school holiday activity was organised through the Sydney Thunder who reached out to Western Sydney MRC, wanting to engage with our clients in a number of ways. We were very excited by this opportunity and looked into organising a clinic for the upcoming school holidays. With the help of Liverpool City Council, the event was held at Edwin Wheeler Reserve. The event was a huge success with the young people who attended having learned a wide array of new skills.

Western Sydney MRC Team Wins Multicultural Futsal Tournament

The City of Sydney holds a men’s futsal tournament every year however chose to organise an event specifically for communities with an asylum seeker and refugee background. Because of this, Western Sydney MRC made a large contribution to the event which saw more than eighty participants take part. This included two teams of players, club officials, volunteers and many families engaging with the program from a vast range of communities.

National Volunteer Week 2018

National Volunteer week is an annual celebration that occurs each year to recognise the wonderful contribution of volunteers across Australia. Events are organised throughout the country, with a theme to represent the work of the volunteers. This years’ theme was ‘Give a little. Change a lot,’ which is something that we see in the work of our volunteers every single day. To celebrate National Volunteer Week, Western Sydney MRC held an afternoon tea in honour of all of our generous volunteers.

Curious Dreams Magazine Launch

Redfern Town Hall was transformed into an art gallery for a night with guests traveling from all over Sydney to attend the Curious Dreams magazine launch. The magazine launch and exhibition were the concluding events from a project run in partnership with Sydney-based photographer and educator, Saskia Wilson. The project involved a series of ten participatory photography workshops, providing young people with the space to express themselves and to take ownership of their story, telling it in the way they wanted it to be known. It was interesting to note that the conveying of such experiences through a creative outlet encouraged the revelation of tales that may otherwise have remained unknown.

Western Sydney MRC Teams Up with Newtown-Based Social Enterprise

The Social Outfit is a social enterprise based in Newtown that functions to promote employment within the fashion industry amongst people from refugee and migrant backgrounds. This includes training in clothing production, retail, design and marketing; empowering people through the development of skills whilst working to eliminate risks of social isolation.

Aldi MiniRoos Settlement Program

Western Sydney MRC partnered with Football Federation Australia and the Western Sydney Wanderers to Introduce a Pilot MiniRoos Settlement Program into Western Sydney

Multicultural Arts Night

Western Sydney MRC is celebrating the NSW Youth Week by organising a Multicultural Arts Night for youth 15-18 years on Friday 20th of April at PCYC Liverpool, the night is sponsored by Liverpool City Council and supported by PCYC Liverpool.

Harmony Day Bake Off 2018

On 21st March members of the Western Sydney Community eagerly arrived at our Liverpool office, ready to enter their specialty dish into first ever Bake Off. The contestants came from all over the world, bringing Samoan, Iraqi, East Timorese, Polish, Aboriginal, Sudanese, Syrian, Italian, Maltese, Vietnamese and Fijian (to name a few) flavours to the judges’ table.

Syrian-Conflict Refugees

The conflict in Syria, and the refugee outflows it created around the world, has dominated Australian news headlines over many years. What is less well-known is how Syrian conflict refugees have settled into the countries that have received them, and especially their journey towards building

Acting U.S. Ambassador James Carouso Visits Western Sydney MRC

His Excellency toured our Liverpool office and joined us for afternoon tea, using the opportunity to meet with different community groups and their leaders. The afternoon was a great success with many members of the community utilising the space to have their voices heard. We were very pleased to present His Excellency with a tour of our office, allowing him to gain more insight into our programs and services and familiarise himself with the work that we do with migrants and refugees.

Men’s Wellbeing Group – Poetry Group

Western Sydney MRC, through the Liverpool Refugee and Migrant Interagency Health and Wellbeing Subcommittee, launched a weekly men’s group, during which men who speak Arabic were invited to come together to learn more about mental wellbeing. The men attended a seven-part series of poetry workshops, exploring concepts of mental wellbeing, through the Five Ways to Wellbeing approach.

End of Year Youth Celebration

On Tuesday 19th December, we held our first annual End of Year Youth Celebration. Though it was an extremely hot day, we had so much fun celebrating our youth and all that makes them so special.  

Community Visitors Scheme Volunteers

Recently, we held an end-of-year celebration for our Volunteers who have devoted so much time to this worthy cause. With all volunteers taking home a certificate of appreciation, five volunteers received certificates honoring their service over the last five years. Last year, one of our wonderful volunteers, Rosalia, reached the ten-year mark!

Coffee With A Cop – Refugee Week

Coffee with a Cop is a project aimed at increasing positive interactions between residents and police officers. This event is held all over the world including Australia and has been successful in breaking down barriers between the overage community and the police officers.  

Ray Williams MP visits Western Sydney MRC

Throughout his time at our Liverpool Head Office, the Hon. Ray Williams was able to closely interact with members of various communities who were pleased to have been given an opportunity to have a voice with the Minister. This was a great opportunity for the starting of conversations, furthering connections and strengthening ties with community members and leaders.

Advancing Community Cohesion Conference 2017

The Advancing Community Cohesion Conference is an annual event that works to address the challenges relating to social cohesion in diverse communities whilst exploring methods through which they can be effectively addressed. This has seen a coming together of over 250 thought leaders, influencers, decision-makers and practitioners from all over the world for two years in a row. The event facilitates discussions relating to diverse communities, including: migrants, CALD communities, ethnic and religious minorities, the indigenous community, people living with a disability, and the LGBTIQ community. 

White Ribbon Campsie Lakemba March 2017

On Friday 24th November 2017, the staff at Western Sydney MRC marched with the local community at the White Ribbon Campsie Lakemba March 2017 to raise awareness about violence against women.    The White Ribbon March is an annual event that sees hundreds of people come together

The Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco

Ambassador of The Kingdom of Morocco, Mr Karim Medrek, and Mr Ahmed Ait Aissa, Deputy Head of Mission (Public Diplomacy and Cultural Affairs) visited Western Sydney Migrant Resources Centre to get a run down of our organisation, from successful settlement at a grass roots level, to social harmonies in and amongst the communities we work with.

Western Sydney MRC at Federal Parliament

Members of Western Sydney MRC were excited to have been hosted by Ms Anne Stanely, Member for Werriwa, at Federal Parliament today. Chair of WSMRC, Dr Vincent Ogu, Board Member Dr Amad Mtashar OAM, and CEO, Kamalle Dabboussy, meet with the Shadow Minister for Immigration, Hon Shayne Nuemann, Shadow Treasurer Hon Chris Bowen and with Chris Hayes Member for Fowler.

From Surviving to Thriving: Refugee Journeys

Western Sydney MRC had the privilege to collaborate with the South Western Sydney Wellbeing Collaboration and other partners to deliver such a successful Health Symposium “From Surviving to Thriving: Refugee Journeys”

African Cultural & Dinner Nite

This initiative from IGBO community Australia in conjunction with Western Sydney MRC and the Moroccan Sydney Association. Was put together to create a platform for the African community to bond and share the rich African heritage with the wider Australian society and to highlight collective challenges and accomplishments to government representatives: His Excellency Mr Karim Medrek, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Morocco, Dr Geoff Lee MP, Member for Parramatta representing NSW Premier Liverpool City Mayor, Wendy Waller, Ms Anne Stanley MP representing Hon Bill Shorten, just to name a few.

Western Sydney MRC – New Beginning

The Western Sydney name change recognises the broad reach of our service offerings and compels us to do even better. It helps us to uphold and to create new partnerships. And, it allows us to explore broader connections within our expanding community in one of the most dynamic and exciting regions of Australia, Western Sydney: where it is the nation’s third-largest economy, is one of the most culturally and linguistically diverse, and characterised by high proportions of the younger population groups.

2 Worlds, 2 Words – Miss Saigon

We are lucky enough to be exhibiting at Riverside Theatre for the next two weeks at the showing of Miss Saigon, showcasing one of many Vietnamese Refugee Stories as part of our 2 Worlds 2 Words campaign. Diem Fuggersberger and her family kindly shared their story with us. Diem the owner of Coco and Lucas tells of her journey as an 8-year-old girl escaping with her family to Australia as a refugee.

Refugee Week Activities 2017

In recognition of Refugee Week and United Nations International Yoga Day, our staff and clients joined YogaHive in a lunchtime yoga practice, held at KGV Recreation Centre. Along with presentations and there was delicious Addison Road Street Food Markets, with refugee and asylum seeker market holders showcasing food from their part of the world. We accompanied 24 Syrian and Iraqi refugees to the YogaHive ‘Belong’ event. Everyone participated in an aboriginal smoking ceremony, yoga class and delicious lunch. The yoga was thoroughly enjoyed and the participants have asked for more classes to help them relax and feel health.

Youth Transition Support pilot programme – Liverpool Exclusion

Youth Transition Support pilot programme funding Location: Liverpool Exclusion To the Honourable Christian Porter, Minister for Social Services, The Western Sydney Migrant Resource Centre (MRC) is writing to you regarding the distribution of Youth Transition Support Pilot funding provided by the Department of Social Services

Response to the Evaluation of the Humanitarian Settlement Services

Evaluation of the Humanitarian Settlement Services and Complex Case Support Programs The Liverpool Migrant Resource Centre (LMRC) is pleased to provide this response to the Department of Social Services (DSS) on the EY Evaluation of the Humanitarian Settlement Services (HSS) and Complex Case Support (CCS)

Strengthening the Test for Australian Citizenship

Strengthening the Test for Australian Citizenship Submission to the Australian Government – 1st June 2017 Background on Liverpool MRC The Liverpool Migrant Resource Centre (MRC) welcomes the opportunity to make this submission to the Australian Government (AG) and the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP)

Liverpool Refugee Action Plan

This Local Refugee Action Plan has been developed in collaboration with key stakeholders working with refugees in the Liverpool area. The plan has been developed to help coordinate refugee service delivery in the Liverpool LGA, monitor progress against key gaps and needs, and inform organisational planning.

Liverpool Law Expo 2017

A number of workshop sessions provided information in relation to driving laws, fines, general safety and tenancy issues. Sessions were prefaced with a scenario put together by Navitas Students. Whilst the sessions were delivered to a large group, a smaller breakout session was delivered to an intimate group of around 20 and we found this to be a more effective way to facilitate sharing of information and an opportunity to have more in-depth information sessions.

Iraqi Cultural Festival – Grand Opening

On display are works from Iraqi male and female artists, including fashion designs and jewellery, sculptures, and audiovisual displays. Paintings on exhibit touch of various themes including war and death, the changing nature of Iraqi culture, and to existential explorations and fantasies on life, relationships, and the individual.

Youth Programs – Successful Swimming school holidays

Being from Australia we are so at one with the water – we are an Island surrounded by water and swimming is often second nature to most Aussie kids. It was also an opportunity to gain access to the facilities available at Whitlam Centre and highlighted other key facilities including gymnastics and the gym. It has been another great opportunity to promote healthy lifestyle activities to our refugee community.

School Holiday Youth Programs – Swimming

Considering recent drowning fatalities within in the Liverpool community the need is great to educate our community about importance of water safety including basic learning to swim skills, safe places to swim, and what to do in case of an emergency. Funded by Liverpool City Council the

Youth Activities Program – DropZone is a huge success

DropZone is a smorgasbord of activities including, DanceFit, BoxFit, Circuit Training, Mui Thai and more and encourages our young people to stay fit and active. Alongside the physical program, healthy lifestyle activities including snack and food preparation also incorporated.

Inquiry in Settlement Outcomes

Our CEO, Kamalle Dabboussy, and Policy and Funding Officer, Meredith Stuebe, were invited to attend a Hearing as part of the Federal Inquiry in Settlement Outcomes run by the Joint Standing Committee on Migration following our submission to the Committee in January 2017.

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Childcare Subsidy A Significant Leap in Overcoming Work Barriers for CALD Women

Childcare Subsidy: A Significant Leap in Overcoming Work Barriers for CALD Women

Childcare subsidies hold immense potential in empowering culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) women, enabling them to overcome work barriers and achieve better settlement outcomes. With a focus on affordability, these subsidies make quality early childhood education and care accessible, paving the way for increased workforce participation and community engagement.

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