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Our story

Based in Western Sydney, welcome all.

More than 40 years supporting communities.

Our Values


We celebrate our diversity and respect the diversity of others.


We work as one team to support our communities.


We act ethically in all situations and decision making.


We strive to develop innovative solutions to challenging social issues.


We strive for quality outcomes in all that we do.

Who we are, what we do

Western Sydney MRC is a not for profit organisation working with newly arrived migrants, refugees, and diverse communities. Our approach to project, service and program design ensures our clients’ and community needs and wants are met. We champion our diverse community to be empowered, informed and connected. 

A range of wrap-around programs supports our flagship casework services. These include family services, playgroups, disability and mental health supports, youth activities, and a variety of information-based sessions including safe driving, employment  education and citizenship sessions delivered in adjacency with additional community development support through leadership programs, capacity building one-2-one support and on and offline event assistance. 

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Where are we and who do we support?

Based in the heart of Liverpool CBD, in South Western Sydney, we are at the centre of our community. Our accessible location allows clients and community to access services and programs readily and ensures our connection to our broader community is maintained. Liverpool is home to one of the highest rates of resettlement and migration in NSW.

We believe that everyone has the right to live a full, enriched life. We aim to promote the principles of access and equity for diverse communities and identify and promote particular disadvantaged groups’ needs to ensure that no-one is left behind. Underpinning our values are the core values for Human Rights. We all have our thoughts and ideas, should all be treated in the same way, and given the same opportunities, living in freedom and safety.

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Our team and vision

Our dedicated team of sector experts have been supporting clients along their journeys for decades. Our casework team understands the complex nature of settlement and has the individualised needs of each client at the forefront of their service delivery. Our staff ensure our clients are informed, and connected and offer advocacy, opportunities for growth and increased capacity alongside a shoulder and a hand, creating a safe space for individuals and communities to feel connected, seen and heard.


Our vision is for a socially inclusive Australia where diversity is celebrated. We aim to support individuals in reaching their full potential and living a successful life within their communities. We want all individuals who come to Australia to start a new life to feel respected and valued as Australian community members.

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Courageous Journeys.
Celebrating 40 years.



Maya Angelou

For 40 years Western Sydney MRC has delivered services, programs, and projects to many clients and communities. The Western Sydney melting pot holds an assortment of culturally and linguistically diverse people, and those that have crossed our path have sought a variety of supports, connections, and assistance. Our staff, management, and board have ebbed and flowed alongside a multitude of partnerships. The lives of many individuals have intertwined, creating social connections, colleagues, and friendships… with a unified driver – a need to help others, to guide and nurture the passage of settlement that has existed for 4 decades.

On looking back, our 40 years is a kind of celebration, not one that you may associate with a party and balloons, but one of many strengths and achievements, empowering moments, struggles, laughter, challenges and passions. By looking back, we too look forward. The need still exists. We continue to greet the newly arrived with a smile and a welcome, making those first experiences of life in Australia positive and meaningful. At Western Sydney MRC we are a place that is safe, and one that holds no boundaries in fulfilling many a dream.
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