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Civic Engagement

Resources and tools to support your Civic Participation

liverpool LGA snapshot

Liverpool LGA Snapshot 2022

electorate map of werriwa

Map Of The Federal Electoral Division Of Werriwa

electorate map of hughes

Map Of The Federal Electoral Division Of Hughes

electorate map of fowler

Map Of The Federal Electoral Division Of Fowler

Australian Democratic Systems Of Government

Australian Democratic Systems Of Government

civic spotlight - government

Three Levels Of Government Summary

Fairfield LGA Snapshot 2022

The Fairfield Local Government Area (LGA) Snapshot. Fairfield LGA sits across two Federal Electorates: McMahon and Fowler
electorate map of mcmahon

Map Of The Federal Electoral Division Of McMahon


Canterbury Bankstown LGA Snapshot 2022

electorate map of watson

Map Of The Federal Electoral Division Of Watson

community toolkit civic participation

Civic Spotlight Community Toolkit - In Partnership With FECCA

This toolkit has been co-designed by Western Sydney MRC and FECCA to support newly arrived and migrant groups to learn and engage with Australian democratic processes.
Inclusive governance civic spotlight

Inclusive Governance Position Paper 2022

A policy platform to respond to the emerging and enduring needs of CALD communities in Western Sydney.

Meet the Candidates

CPAC 4th May 2022

In keeping with our mission to empower, inform and connect the diverse communities in Liverpool and surrounding areas, Western Sydney MRC held its 6th Meet the Candidates’ Forum last night (May 4 2022) in the lead up to the Federal Election later this month. “We have organised ‘Meet the Candidates’ event for the last 20 years and have led continuous political engagement for our diverse and multicultural communities.” Said Western Sydney MRC CEO Kamalle Dabboussy.

Community Questions 2022

  • Why you are a suitable candidate?
  • How will your party respond to the cost-of-living pressures, and housing stress in South West Sydney?
  • What is the strategy or plan to provide quality afterschool tutoring programs to the low socio-economic and refugee status children of Werriwa electorate?
  • How can the local/state/federal council assist religious and community centres in creating disability-inclusive alterations to their buildings?
  • What plans do you have in place to provide sustainable support for Pacific Islanders who are contributors to the economy. Community leaders are under-resourced to continue volunteer support work for this Community. Majority aren’t entitled to Govt benefits but have been impacted financially with losing jobs due to COVID.
  • How are your policies empirically supported? What are the outcomes for community members in those studies?
  • What change will you introduce to help our local community
  • How will you ensure that newly arrived refugees receive adequate settlements support at the grass roots level?
  • Immigration & funding for local ethics community groups
  • What are your plans to employ graduates from universities in the nursing department?
  • Why should we vote for?
  • Encourage small business
  • What kind of support will be offered to south west Sydney non-profit organisation and to the CALD communities?
  • Men mental health is a big issue in the community eg gambling, domestic violence and alcoholism.
    What program will you implement to address these?
  • What do you see as the key issues for Fowler? How will you address them?
    What would you put in place to stop systematic sexism in education?
  • Before the last federal election, the government promised a Religious Discrimination Bill that has not been passed or delivered.
  • Many parents chose to send their children to one of the 25 faith-based schools in Werriwa.
  • Many people are involved with one of the over 50 places of worship in the Liverpool LGA. Do you support the principle that these organisations should be able to give preference in employment to people who share the same religious belief as to the organisation and should be able to teach the beliefs of the organisation?
  • Would you support the repeal of Section 38 of the Sex Discrimination Act as proposed by the Labour Party?
  • How do you address the key policy priorities for multiculturalism in NSW?
  • Transport is an important factor for economy progression, what’s your plan to improve it for Liverpool area if you have been elected?
  • What are the party’s plans to reduce house prices, especially for first home buyers?
  • Would you like to support people of Myanmar who is striving for Justice, freedom and democracy since military coup on 1st February 2021?
  • Finding opportunity for our graduated young people to be employed is hard specifically in the health and nursing sector.
  • Do you have any plan to Support the Interial tourism in Australia specially after pandemic ?
  • And how you can support the citizens to be more interesting?
  • What can they do if they win to the Assyrian refugees in Turkey and Jordan and Lebanon who have been waiting there for over 5 years?
  • How will you support the Assyrian Resource Centre in continuing to provide valuable assistance to over 9,000 newly arrived refugees who seek our services?
  • Can you promise to make Australia a NEUTRAL Country (between all powers) & can you promise to building an advanced infrastructure,
  • Is there any solid plan to bring more MANDAEAN and other persecuted minorities and Refugees in the M. E. To Australia?
  • Is there any plan for More and cheaper community halls in Liverpool?
  • Is there any plan to end indefinite and arbitrary mandatory detention of people seeking asylum and refugees?
  • How much will increase the intake of refugees into Australia, reflect the higher numbers of globally displaced people pursuing asylum, and increase and expand refugee and humanitarian support services and programs?
  • Does your new government think of restoring the core funding to The Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC ) to its level in 2018?
  • How can the federal government make housing become affordable again.
  • From your understanding and experience, what are the key areas of concern in our community and how do you propose you will address these should you win the election?
  • Do you have any plans to support organisations and institutions of civil society financially so they could keep providing services the community?
  • As a result of the deteriorating economic situation, there is long-term consequences from an increase in business failures that occurred during recessions between 2020 till now . what are your plans to help business owners, as well as tax payer and employees who did not get any support as a result of the high cost of living.
  • Measures taken to ease the cost of living for Wester Sydney residents
  • How do you plan on advocating for refugees on a federal level?
  • What are your plans to revive the economy, services and cost of living?
  • What can political parties do to enhance diversity amongst its candidates to ensure that Australia’s parliament is representative of the communities it serves?
  • About freedom of speech
  • Allocated funding for future programs to the newly arrivals to Australia.
  • What are your plans at Culture?
  • What steps will your party take toward making life more easy and affordable for our community especially new arrivals in terms of people getting access to education and gaining skills to start new life for themselves and their families knowing that some refugees & migrants have a very high level of education back home but unfortunately unable to practice that in Australia.
  • Where is freedom in Australia?
  • How are we working together in organising an effective and appropriate communication strategies? (targeting African CALD community for positive life change.)
  • What you do to make to Australian people?
  • What’s the government plan to improve Sydney’s infrastructure?
  • What is the candidate plan to reduce the costs of living in Australia
    • Labour candidate…..will there be any hidden nasties in Labour’s election policies
    • Liberal Coalition candidate – why has the Morrison govt. reneged on setting up the Federal Anti Corruption watchdog
  • What commitments can you make to the Western Sydney LGAs?
  • What should be done to keep promises after the election success
  • What is your planes to support the south west Sydney multicultural communities , the area have the largest number of new arrivals and refugee, regarding infrastructure and job opportunities
  • Raise community voice to Federal Government
  • What is the plan to undo the impact that COVID had and still having over the community particularly – the most vulnerable of them?
  • Would you invite or create spaces for ALL migrant communities to the table?
  • What will you do to increase integrity in politics and our political leaders?
    • What is your conscious stand (vote) of the Israeli- Arab (Palestinian) struggle? South Western fedral MPs famous of having their conscious vote different from the majority of their electorate opinion, how you will address in the future such an important issue to our areas? And will you commit to align your vote in the parliament with your electorate?
  • What is your plan in short to improve the above average 9% unemployment rate? Would you consider our areas as cash economy and if so how will be addressed?
  • Specific question to Labour candidate from Fowler: How did you arrive here?
  • What are your policies regarding inequality among CALD communities?
  • Mental health is on the decline, what do you plan to do about that?
  • Electronic visual addiction is on the rise, do you have any strategies in place?
  • Putting more efforts to engage with the Sydney south west communities,
  • Community strategic unique communication tools.
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