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Domestic Violence, Resilience and a New Beginning

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With such a focus on numbers, statistics and KPIs, we want to ensure that the people at the heart of our support, are seen, that their stories and journeys are highlighted, just enough for our communities to be reminded of what we do. Highlighting the struggles, challenges and hardship of the individuals and people we support, alongside their wins and celebrations. 

The Lives Behind the Numbers – Case Study Two

Jacquline* arrived at the MRC in mid-2019, married with a two-year-old daughter. She explained she is on a spouse visa, with no other family. She began to disclose to our caseworker that she was experiencing Domestic Violence. Many aspects were of their relationship was abusive from the sole control of finances to physical and emotional abuse.

When she approached the Western Sydney MRC caseworker, she thought it is her fault that her husband was violent towards her and that she tried her best to be a better wife. She didn’t have a bank account or access to any finances.

The caseworker began by explaining domestic violence cycles. Over several sessions, Jacquline was educated about domestic violence and provided with services and resources. It took time for Jacquline to decide that she wanted to leave her husband. Jacquline began to build her understanding of other places in Australia, exploring new areas for potential living and creating a new life for herself and children.

After receiving support across a range of relevant services and navigating other services by herself, she managed on her own to apply for a two-year AVO. She has learned to drive, bought a car, and more recently decided to move to another city to start a new life. She is planning to improve her English and study in University.

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