Improving crisis communications to CALD communities


Western Sydney MRC welcomes the opportunity to provide a submission into the inquiry by the New South Wales Legislative Assembly’s Committee on Community Services on ‘How to improve crisis communications to culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities. We recognise the importance and urgency of this inquiry and support the government’s efforts to develop a multicultural engagement strategy informed by lived experiences. We hope our direct feedback on crisis communications issues will add robustness and authenticity to the engagement strategies.

SouthWest Sydney CALD communities voiced their concerns – where to from here post-election?

CALD communities concerns

aking this responsibility seriously, Western Sydney MRC and Metro Assist partnered to run a Community Consultation Tour for the Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities in Canterbury-Bankstown area on 24th March 2022. Employing a community capacity building approach, the consultation session was held online via zoom to identify key issues as described by the communities as well as provide them with resources such as the Community Civic Participation Toolkit and well as Local Government Areas based snapshots.  

Exciting New Project – Civic Spotlight 2022 – Behind the Scenes

western sydney mrc civic spotlight election

by Dr Archana Voola – Policy Officer, Western Sydney MRC My strategy has been to take a systematic approach to needs assessment. The first instinct is to go to the communities and ask them directly what the critical issues of concern are for them. This is necessary but unholistic. While lived experiences provide unique and […]

Meet the Candidates 2022

meet the candidates 2022

Continuous political engagement for our diverse and multicultural communities. In keeping with our mission to empower, inform and connect the diverse communities in Liverpool and surrounding areas, Western Sydney MRC held its 6th Meet the Candidates’ Forum last night (May 4 2022) in the lead up to the Federal Election later this month. “We have […]

Impacts of Covid-19 – The Pulse of South West Sydney CALD communities

This research was conducted by Western Sydney MRC based on the rapidly evolving COVID-19 Delta outbreak in Sydney, specifically South West Sydney (SWS). To develop rapid responses, Western Sydney MRC conducted a survey-based study to hear directly from the Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities living in the area.
The purpose of the research is to provide a platform for the voices of the SWS CALD communities in lockdown to be
heard, recorded and amplified. Insights garnered from the report are drawn on to develop actionable recommendations that are fit for purpose, both in the immediate and long term.

Amazing Response To Welcome Dinner Project

The Welcome Dinner Project 2017 Thursday 9th March 2017. With such an amazing response to Liverpool’s Welcome Dinner in 2016, held at the Liverpool MRC, The Welcome Dinner Project came together again with Liverpool MRC and Liverpool City Council to host a second. The Venue – Casula Powerhouse Casula Powerhouse was built in 1951 by the NSW Electricity Commission, the […]

Celebrating National Volunteer Week 2021

Western Sydney MRC is an essential service providing ongoing support to our clients and community. Our volunteers have continued to be part of the MRC Family supporting us to deliver services across many programs.  

Australian Government COVID-19 Vaccine Campaign 2021 – reaching CALD and minority communities

COVID-19 Vaccination rollout begins in NSW by early March, with a complete rollout expected through 2021.  Vaccination will be made available for all citizens, permanent residents, and temporary visa holders except for tourists. Whilst vaccination is not compulsory; the Government are rolling out a national campaign, to inform all Australians about the Vaccine process and […]

Bringing the young voices to the table. Why, how and where to next

The current Delta outbreak in NSW has had devastating consequences across different demographics but one segment of the population slipping through the cracks are young people from migrant backgrounds.

Recent research on youth and COVID19 impacts documents ‘labour market scarring’, wherein young people’s pandemic induced unemployment could be prolonged making it harder for them to re-enter the labour market. Young people, including those born overseas, are bearing the brunt of COVID restrictions, particularly in the hospitality and retail sectors.

In addition to the loss of jobs, lockdown restrictions and police presence, there is a vast amount of misinformation regarding vaccinations circulating in our youth communities. Direct engagement with youth, specifically in the South West Sydney region, highlighted the need for a platform where they could come to the table, register their concerns, get responses to their queries and be visible.