Bringing the young voices to the table. Why, how and where to next

The current Delta outbreak in NSW has had devastating consequences across different demographics but one segment of the population slipping through the cracks are young people from migrant backgrounds.

Recent research on youth and COVID19 impacts documents ‘labour market scarring’, wherein young people’s pandemic induced unemployment could be prolonged making it harder for them to re-enter the labour market. Young people, including those born overseas, are bearing the brunt of COVID restrictions, particularly in the hospitality and retail sectors.

In addition to the loss of jobs, lockdown restrictions and police presence, there is a vast amount of misinformation regarding vaccinations circulating in our youth communities. Direct engagement with youth, specifically in the South West Sydney region, highlighted the need for a platform where they could come to the table, register their concerns, get responses to their queries and be visible.

Meet our team

Meet the MRC team

All our team is dedicated to their work, their clients and their community. This year our annual report highlighted a few of the team, each with drive, passion and empathy.

PeerLink Review 2020

PeerLink Community Connectors Admon and Lina and team Coordinator Michelle recently got together at the end of 2020 to reflect on Western Sydney MRC’s PeerLink program. PeerLink started in August this year (2020) and was designed to address the needs and challenges of those concerned about their mental health and/or disability. “Our objective was to assist participants in socialising and coming together, making friends, increasing referral pathways but most importantly making connections, a place to listen, sharing stories and experiences,” says Michelle. The development of this program was gained from insight from the Circles of Sustainability report in 2017 undertaken in partnership with by WSU.

Congratulations SSI

On behalf of Western Sydney MRC, can we congratulate SSI on its 20th Year.  It is remarkable to see SSI’s outstanding growth, with the dedication and hard work of all involved, it has achieved a remarkable outcome.