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Mental health and wellbeing and employment support.

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With such a focus on numbers, statistics and KPIs, we want to ensure that the people at the heart of our support, are seen, that their stories and journeys are highlighted, just enough for our communities to be reminded of what we do.

Highlighting the struggles, challenges and hardships of the individuals and people we support, alongside their wins and celebrations.

The Lives Behind the Numbers – Case Study Three

Imad*, who is currently on a bridging visa as an asylum seeker. 

He is ineligible for any income support or casework support within our current service offerings. 

He is separated from his partner, to which he has a 2-year-old child. He has not had much contact with his child due to a lack of family legal support and establishing visitation rights, as can take place in many family breakdown scenarios.

During the significant disruption of the COVID-19 public health orders, NSW Child Protection services stepped in removed the child from the mother and placed him in the care of the father based on the mother’s mental health challenges, and not due to COVID-19. 

Imad is now in the full-time carer of an infant. He has sacrificed all to look after the needs of his child, and currently has no other family support enabling him to continue working. 

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