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SameSame Different Episode Two – Meet Zinah

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About Our Podcast – SameSame Different – This Is Western Sydney

This podcast series leverages the beauty, richness and uniqueness of cultural diversity, and highlight the triumph and strength of participants who represent cultural diversity. We seek to highlight the triumphs and shared humanity across cultural groups through our podcast series, to break the stereotype of the quintessential Australian, and strengthen and improve attitudes towards cultural diversity.

I’ve Chosen The Same Pathway – Zinah

Meet Zinah. Today is her birthday. She joins Western Sydney MRC on our new venture of the discovery of Western Sydney and its rich diversity through storytelling and the amazing world of podcasts. In this episode Zinah talks of her experience overseas in Iraq, of her passion for learning and how reading by the light of a fire during the war kept her hopeful.

Life is full of many challenges, and Zinah is extremely focused on her education and shows that within is the ability to summon your inner courage and find support. We hope Zinah’s story inspires you… to stand tall and follow your dreams, wherever they may take you. SameSame Different. This is Western Sydney.

Zinah shares her motivations and challenges and how arriving in Australia has changed her life forever. Her mother and mentor in life inspired her to follow a path of caring for others and she shares how strength and passion manifest in her everyday life, in her studies and in relationships.

About Western Sydney MRC

About Western Sydney MRC Western Sydney MRC is a not-for-profit organisation and community advocate supporting newly-arrived individuals and diverse emerging and established communities to settle in Australia. We work with people who experience vulnerability, including individuals from a refugee background, those seeking asylum and culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities, assisting in building capacity to live empowered, informed and connected lives.

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