Thank you for your submission

Thank you for your submission


Entries will be selected within the month. If you are selected please be aware you will be required to have an interview within 5-10 working days of being notified.

All podcasts will be delivered in English, with the option for translations to be made. Transcript of every podcast will also be published on our website.

Frequently asked questions

About the production

What is the selection criteria?

There will be 4 judge reviewing each of the applications against a series of criteria. The criteria includes:

1. Measurement of the application against our funding criteria.
2. Whether the application relates to issues pertinent to Western Sydney
3. Measured on successful uptake, news-worthiness and media interest
4. Alignment with Multicultural NSW values and objectives
5. Measured against Multicultural NSW 3 key principles:
Principle 1: Engage with all sections of society and break down barriers to participation
Principle 2: Enable equitable access to services and programs
Principle 3: Enrich social and economic capacity through cultural diversity as an asset of our state.

Will the podcasts be edited?

Yes the podcasts will be edited to smooth out the narrative and give the hosts an opportunity to add snippets or insights, synopsis or overview to provide the listener with conclusions, outline and / or abstract.

Who approves the podcast before it goes live?

The podcasts will be approved by Marketing Department at Western Sydney MRC and by Multicultural NSW.

Will I be notified?

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Can I be part of two podcasts?

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What happens if I am not picked?

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About the production

Where can people listen to this podcast?

We will be found on all podcast platforms but listeners can also listen directly from our website.

Links will be posted here one podcasts go live.

Can it be accessed from overseas?

Yes, there are no restrictions to listening

Will I need to have my picture taken?

For those that are guest speakers we will require you to either supply an image or have an image taken. The image will be adjusted to fit with the creative aesthetic of our podcast campaign. The image below is how you image will be updated.

What else do I need to do after recording?

If you haven’t already, you should sign up to receive email updates for all the podcasts.

Please share our podcasts among you network, communities, friends, families and colleagues, helping us get as much reach out there as possible.

Guest speakers will also be provided with an email signature and some social tiles to share and hashtag.

Listen to our episodes

Our podcast will be available across all Podcast platforms, or listen directly from our website.

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