Western Sydney MRC Associate Membership

Associate Membership Benefits

Discounted Facility Hire

We have a range of facilities available including room hire, projector, TV, whiteboard, lockers – find out more here.

VIP Visit invites

We are often visited by Ministers, VIPs from around the world all finding out more about Western Sydney MRC and connecting with our community.

AGM Invitation

Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) is a chance to join our board and staff and reflect on the year past.

Community Page on our website

Our latest Community offering is ensuring that minority communities are able to have a presence on our website. We have high visibility, over 6000 unique visitors to our website every year.

Community Roundtable invitations

Our associate Member communities, organisations and individuals will be given the opportunity to participate in feedback sessions and roundtable discussion. Your associate membership gives you first right of refusal.

Subscription to Monthly Newsletter

Another new initiative is our Community newsletter. By signed up we give you the opportunity to promote your news through our newsletters and are also given the opportunity to submit one blog post published on our website.

Associate Membership Types

We have three kinds of membership, for different organisations and individuals.

Ethnic Organisation A/Membership

Any ethnic organisation active in Western Sydney Area whose aims and objectives are consistent with those of the association.

Organisation A/Membership

Any organisation active in the Western Sydney area whose aims and objectives are consistent with those of the association.

Individual A/Membership

Membership will be open to any individual over 18 years of age living, working or studying in the Liverpool area.

Become an Associate Member

Follow the three steps below.

Step 1

Complete the submission form below

Step 2

Process your application payment

Step 3

Await the Board’s review and decision

Need to know more information?

Speak to one of our team Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm, or visit us at our Head Office; 108 Moore Street, Liverpool NSW 2170.

For more information email nadia@wsmrc.org.au