Western Sydney MRC facilities support for Community Groups

Western Sydney MRC provides support to groups by providing access to meeting rooms and other facilities.

The two meeting rooms are spacious (capacity 25 people) and can serve many purposes. A foldable door dividing both rooms can be opened to create one larger room.

To use the meeting rooms, your community group must meet the following criteria:

  • You are a local migrant community who have limited capacity or infrastructure
  • Your group conducts activities that address issues of priority at Western Sydney MRC
  • Your group promotes cultural maintenance
  • You are a group with a significant number of new arrivals

Book a Western Sydney MRC meeting room today for a future information session or group meeting!

Please note: Meeting room rates vary depending on organisation status (please check the member section). All fees are at an affordable price, which is based on cost recovery. As the meeting rooms are in high demand by Western Sydney MRC projects and Community Groups, any new bookings are subject to approval and availability.

Other facilities and resources which are available at Western Sydney MRC

Multimedia & Electronic Equipment (overhead projector, video camera, laptop, data projector, PA equipment), Phone, Photocopier, Scanner & Fax machine (cost recovery charges).

To book a room or check the availability of all our facilities, please contact Western Sydney MRC reception on (02) 8778 1200 or drop us an email.

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