Settlement Support – Casework

Western Sydney MRC’s casework service focuses on providing settlement support to migrants and refugees who have been in Australia for five years or less.

Through facilitating links to mainstream and specialist services,Western Sydney MRC’s casework support service aims to develop client capacity and resilience.

Our Casework Programs

Settlement Support Program (SSP)

Our SSP Caseworkers provide office based support to clients. SSP casework is targeted at newly arrived refugees and migrants who have been living in Australia for less than five years. Our caseworkers are focused on building client capacity to access services and participate fully in Australian life. The casework support we provide is varied, and can range from building ability to complete forms and understanding documents, through to providing referral to key supports like legal advice, and providing advocacy to resolve an issue.

Complex Case Support (CCS)

Western Sydney MRC also delivers casework under the Complex Case Support (CCS) Program. CCS caseworkers provide short term, intensive casework to clients with complex needs. The CCS Program is funded by the Department of Social Services (DSS) to address the acute and complex needs of migrants and refugees who have been in Australia for less than five years. Under CCS, clients receive intensive support to address critical issues, complex needs, and develop the capacity to deal with challenges more independently in future.

Case management plans are created in collaboration with the client, in order to encourage engagement, and ownership of goals achieved.  CCS caseworkers support clients with high needs related to physical health, mental health, disability, family issues, and any other issues presenting a significant barrier to successful settlement in Australia. As well as home based support, CCS caseworkers provide community based support, building clients’ capacity to utilise public transport, access services and attend appointments independently.

Emergency Relief

Western Sydney MRC delivers emergency relief assistance. Because our resources are limited, our focus is on reaching people in financial crisis with low levels of English.

How to get support How to get support

If you would like casework support, phone us on (02) 8778 1200 or drop in to our office to make an appointment to see a caseworker.
If you require emergency relief, phone us on (02) 8778 1200 or drop in to our office to discuss your situation further.
If you are a service provider referring for casework support, please complete the following referral form.
If you are a service provider referring for emergency relief, please complete the following referral form.

For further information please email or contact us via our contact us page or call Western Sydney MRC reception on (02) 8778 1200.

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