WELCOME TO WESTERN SYDNEY MRCWe work with newly arrived migrants, refugees, and diverse communities.

Building their capacity to take part in local life within their community.


STRONG COMMUNITY CONNECTIONS Providing a range of services

From casework to community program facilitation we ensure that our program, events and support are based on our clients' needs and wants.


A DEDICATED TEAM Passion, Experience and Commitment

It's important to get the right balance of knowledge and skillset. At Western Sydney MRC we believe we get that just right. Our Team are proactive in predicting and responding to the needs of our client group. Our Service Team of caseworkers equip themselves with the relevant information in order to respond to queries, and prepare translated information to support clients’ understanding.


Settlement Support – Casework

Western Sydney MRC’s casework service focuses on providing settlement support…

2 Worlds 2 Words

2 Worlds 2 Words Our 2 Worlds 2 Words…

Multicultural Playgroups

Our Multicultural playgroups are one of the programs underpinned…

Casework Support and Services

At the heart of Western Sydney MRC is the Service Team.  The Service Team is comprised of a dedicated team of caseworkers, who are committed to improving the quality of life for newly arrived and vulnerable migrants.  The casework model for the Service Team is client centred and strengths based; clients are empowered to set their own goals, and build their capacity to live independently in Australia, with their strengths and skills being brought to the forefront.

Latest News

17 Aug

African Cultural & Dinner Nite

Western Sydney MRC had the privilege to be part of The African Culture & Dinner Nite in partnership with  the IGBO community and the Moroccan…

14 Aug

Western Sydney MRC – New Beginning

The team of the newly branded Western Sydney MRC Since 1979 Liverpool MRC has always been characterised by opportunity, growth and change, where its…

27 Jul

2 Worlds, 2 Words – Miss Saigon

2 Worlds 2 Words meets Miss Saigon We are lucky enough to be exhibiting at Riverside Theatre for the next two weeks at the…

19 Jun

Refugee Week Activities 2017

Refugee Week Activities were a plenty this year with the MRC both organising and attending 4 seperate events Refugee Week and United Nations International…

31 May

Liverpool Refugee Action Plan

The Liverpool MRC in partnership with Liverpool City Council have hosted a series of forums to improve service delivery coordination for newly arrived refugees…

29 May

Liverpool Law Expo 2017

In conjunction with National Law Week, the Liverpool Law Expo was an opportunity to meet number service providers to assist with queries and questions about:…