Youth Worker Sarah Introduces Rock & Water Program

Our fabulous youth worker Sarah has recently started running Rock & Water sessions during our after school Drop Zone Program.

The Rock & Water program aims to take individuals on a journey of self-discovery, promoting confidence and strength through verbal, emotional and physical expression.

Sarah introduced the program at the beginning of the school term to what initially was a group of very apprehensive students. However, the program has been of great success, with the young people grasping key notions of inner strength and the power of oneself, whilst learning protective behaviours. This includes being assertive in saying ‘no’ and managing the tendency to react aggressively within themselves and others. Each week, the students continue to flourish as they excitedly recall noticing that they have displayed the Rock & Water values being taught throughout their week and within the session as well.

It has been wonderful to see the development of a mutual respect for one another, despite being of differing ages, cultural backgrounds and genders” Sarah, Youth worker

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