Workplace Giving

Workplace Giving – sometimes referred to as payroll giving – is a way of supporting Western Sydney MRC to help fund our services and programs.

As a workplace donor, you can make a regular, pre-tax donation to Western Sydney MRC directly from your pay. You simply choose a donation amount that’s right for you, and it comes out of your pay every pay cycle. The tax deduction for your donation happens immediately so you won’t need to save receipts and manage at tax time.

Your donation total is included in your end of financial year annual Payment Summary your employer provides. EASY!

Why should you get involved?

It’s quick and easy to set up

You can change anytime

Giving a little at a time allows you to spread out the cost

You’ll receive an immediate tax benefit in your pay

Are there any benefits or hurdle for my employer?

The process is simple and easy. Many businesses are making the commitment to support local causes.

You will also find that its very catchy. Many people wan to give to charity but aren’t in control of the giving. 

How do I get started?

  1. Ask your HR or Finance Department to see if your employer already has a payroll/workplace giving program in place.

Workplace Giving Program already in place? Great – ask them to sign you up withPink Elephants Support Network as the recipient
No Workplace Giving Program in place? No problem! Head to Good2Give, and check out their easy sign up page, as well resources and calculators to find the right amount for you
Still have questions? Email