Rebrand / Name Change - FAQs

We understand that you may have additional questions regarding our name change from Liverpool MRC to Western Sydney MRC. If you need any additional information please don’t hesitate to contact us.

When did we change our name?

The name change from Liverpool MRC to Western Sydney MRC has been effective since 1st August 2017.

Why have we changed our name from Liverpool MRC to Western Sydney MRC?

The years past have been full of opportunity, growth and change at the Liverpool MRC.  We are now focusing our efforts in new spaces and growth opportunities & the first step was a rebrand. We’re the same people with the same commitment to our community, clients and existing partners.

What does the new logo mean?

The new logo has many meanings and interpretations.

The circle is a representation of our unity, protection, cultural integration, connection and worlds to name a few.

The colour palette represents our diversity, with colours of hope, confidence and passion.

What do I need to change at my Organisation level?

  • Our official organisation name is: Western Sydney Migrant Resource Centre often shortened to Western Sydney MRC
  • Our NEW ACN number is: 619 937 227
  • Our existing ABN remains the same: 24 881 173 229 

Will your email addresses change?

All email addresses have been updated. Please ensure you update your contact details. The new format organisation-wide is All staff, including additional support emails, such as info@, cpp@ etc will have this new format.

What do I need to change when invoicing or paying Western Sydney MRC?

With any new invoices that are issued to us, they need to be updated to the new company name, Western Sydney Migrant Resource Centre.

All existing and new contracts will need the name updated

Our bank details will have a change of name to Western Sydney MRC, however all other details remain the same.

Does the name change impact our / your clients?

We are the same people with the same commitment to our clients and community. Our settlement services will remain operational within the Liverpool LGA as per the current service delivery.

There are no changes to our clients directly regarding services however other referring organisations will need to be made aware of the new name for their own paper work, systems etc, as well as updated referral forms

Has your referral process changed?

Our referral form has been updated. The standard process for client referral is unchanged. See the links below.

Who can be contacted regarding additional questions regarding the name change?

If you don’t find what you are looking for simply send us an email to and we will distribute to the appropriate person.