What's on


English Classes
Online opportunities to connect with our volunteers to practice your english

Multicultural Playgroup
are currently replaced with xxxxxx

Legal Aid Immigration
Phone based support – Monday morning

Legal Aid Family
Monday afternoon



Working Development Orders (WDO)
108 Moore Street, Liverpool
Wednesday of every 1 month,
10am – 12pm

DropZone is currently suspended.

Legal Aid Civil
Wednesday every other week (fortnightly) – check with us for which weeks


Aged Care Centre Based Respite
(Enrolment required)
Onsite respite services are not currently running.


Multicultural Playgroups (2 sessions)
Replaced by xxx

The Parenting Place
Replaced by….

Legal Aid Centrelink
Friday every other week (fortnightly) – check with us for which weeks

PeerLink Forum

For more information on our PeerLink program, download the flyer.

TemporaryVisa Crisis Management

We can now provide up to 4 weeks support to temporary Visa Holders. Programs ends September.

Community Webinars

Join our webinar series, delivered online through zoom.

WhatsApp Sign Up

Sign up for our WhatsApp updates. Your details are not shared, and only the MRC can see who’s on the contact list. sms 0422 401 470 to sign up.