Western Sydney MRC receives grant for upgrades.

Western Sydney MRC would like to extend its thanks to Paul Lynch, MP in support of the Community Building Partnership Grant for a much-needed upgrade of our community rooms. Our community rooms are a busy and bustling space with a wide range of Liverpool residents including ethno specific groups, parenting programs, age care groups and people living with a disability using the space on a regular basis.

The project aims to make the space more inviting and multipurpose with fold-away desks and versatile furniture. Computers will be added to for community use during computer skills programs and support for small business such as website building and graphic design. The upgrade will make the space more accessible for people with mobility needs.

The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the current gap in digital literacy between the mainstream and multicultural community and has been a significant barrier for community participation. By creating a multipurpose space this funding will allow Western Sydney MRC to support our communities to build their digital capability. The largest gaps in digital literacy were seen in our Culturally and Linguistically (CALD) mothers and our elderly clients. Space will be accessible and can accommodate childcare onsite, allowing mothers to actively engage in community programs.

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