Volunteer Employment Mentor

The Western Sydney MRC is a community based non-profit organisation established to actively and directly relieve the situation of immigrants and refugees whose social condition renders them disadvantaged.

The Western Sydney MRC works with refugees and migrants, including second generations, where their social conditions render them disadvantaged, and to help them take part in their local community life. The Western Sydney MRC has a strong ethics base and is committed to working to ensure that capacity is built with individuals, families and communities.

The Western Sydney MRC is seeking volunteers to provide ongoing mentoring support to newly arrived migrants and refugees seeking to gain employment in Australia. Mentoring sessions may be conducted at the Western Sydney MRC office, via telephone, or at an agreed upon location between mentor and mentee, with the approval of the Employment Project Officer. Mentors and mentees will engage in approximately six half-hour sessions over a four month period. These may include:

  • Sharing industry-specific knowledge between mentor and mentee;
  • Assisting mentees to develop resumes and identify professional development opportunities;
  • Assisting mentees to search and apply for jobs;
  • Assisting clients to prepare for and debrief from job interviews; and
  • Translating and interpreting documents and other materials, where necessary.

Successful applicants will meet the following Essential Criteria:

  • Extensive experience in the Australian professional sector.
  • Experience in a professional industry relevant to Western Sydney MRC client needs.
  • Experience using computer programs, such as Microsoft Word, in addition to a familiarity with job searching websites, such as seek.com.au .
  • Experience working with people form culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds.

The aim of the program is to match mentees with a mentor who has industry-specific knowledge, so please be sure to highlight your professional background when you apply. Knowledge of a community language, such as Arabic, in addition to English language, is desirable but not necessary to apply.

This role will report to the Employment Project Officer and work directly with Western Sydney MRC clients.

All applications are to be addressed to the Volunteer Coordinator and emailed to volunteers@wsmrc.org.au with the subject line Volunteer Employment Mentor or mailed to: PO Box 435, Liverpool, NSW 2170. Please provide a copy of your CV in addition to a brief letter of application and at least two references. Your letter of application should provide details of:

  1. Your reasons for applying;
  2. How you meet the Essential Criteria;
  3. Your availability
  4. Your experience in providing mentorship and one-on-one support; and
  5. Your knowledge of a community language.

Successful applicants will be required to submit a clear NSW/Federal Police Check and meet all compliance requirements according to Western Sydney MRC policies as provided. All volunteers will be required to attend one training and induction session, held at the WSMRC on a regular basis, and undertake on-the-job training with their supervisor.

For further information and questions please contact Jennifer McLean, Volunteer Coordinator, on 02 8778 1218.

Please be aware that this is a voluntary role and as such, the volunteer is not an employee of the Western Sydney MRC. The Western Sydney MRC does not provide volunteers with:

  • Monetary allowances or remuneration for volunteer role