Syrian-Conflict Refugees

The conflict in Syria, and the refugee outflows it created around the world, has dominated Australian news headlines over many years.

What is less well-known is how Syrian-conflict refugees have settled into the countries that have received them, and especially their journey towards building a new life.
Three major Australian universities (UTS, WSU, USyd) have collaborated to investigate this untold and unfolding story, under the project name “Settlement Outcomes of Syrian-conflict Refugee Families in Australia”. Excitingly, the study will include findings from New Zealand, Germany, Canada, Finland, Sweden, and the UK where large Syrian refugee communities also live.
So, help from Australia’s Syrian refugee families is needed. We would love to capture their stories and experiences that will provide a better understanding of building new lives as refugees in a new land. Settlement is not a speedy process in any circumstance, so the research will cover the early settlement journey over a 3-year period.
If you and your family believe you can help by sharing your story in finding refuge from the Syrian-conflict and settling in Australia, then please contact us by:
phone              02-87781200
visiting us        108 Moore Street, Liverpool NSW 2170