A trip to Sydney’s Royal Botanic Garden

On Tuesday 17th April, our women’s group went on an excursion to Sydney’s Royal Botanic Garden

At the end of each term, our women’s group (Strive) goes on an excursion to a new destination. This term, the chosen destination was the Royal Botanic Garden of Sydney. These outings are often a platform to developing new skills and friendship whilst improving general wellbeing and having lots of fun along the way.

The day out was filled with entertaining interactions, promoting positive social connections, language skills and respect. The group of women arrived at Liverpool station and purchased their own tickets, being given the opportunity to showcase their recently learned skills in checking and topping up Opal Cards. This exercise, although a day-to-day happening for some, enhanced their confidence, improved their skills and challenged them to be more independent.

The group of women were very excited to be spending the day together, allowing for their friendships and sense of community to blossom through the sharing of jokes, stories and just generally having fun.

During the excursion the group were able to tour the Botanic Garden and enjoy singing and dancing together. It was really wonderful to see the women sharing their packed lunches whilst discussing and comparing their special recipes from their home countries.

[su_quote]I’m very happy and excited today to be part of this beautiful group in such a beautiful place… [/su_quote]

[su_quote]Strive has helped me build strong friendships, thank you for that… [/su_quote]

For more information about Strive, please contact Fay on 8778 1214 or fay@wsmrc.org.au.