RYPMP Program End


The RYPMP program gave a unique opportunity to facilitate connection and friendships in young people from different cultural backgrounds.

RYPMP aimed to empower young people to maximise their potential and to explore avenues that they thought would not be possible. We worked together with mentors and mentees to encourage self development and growth.

In turn this created a wider understanding for both mentors and mentees on the diversity of or local community. Over 70% of our mentees found this connection to have a positive impact on their wellbeing demonstrating the importance of programs in  focused on community connection.

We want to take this opportunity thank everyone who was involved in the RYPMP. The mentors that gave their time, knowledge, life and passion to another person, the the staff and team for organising many hours of activities, but mostly to mentees, to those that put themselves out there, to meet someone new, open their world to new opportunities and experiences.


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Refugee Youth Peer Mentoring Program was funded by the Department of Family and Children Services during 2018-2020.

We would like to thank the consortium partners for the journey, and as always highlight that we are better together.