The Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco

Western Sydney MRC was privileged to receive a visit from The Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco, Mr Karim Medrek

Ambassador of The Kingdom of Morocco, Mr Karim Medrek, and Mr Ahmed Ait Aissa, Deputy Head of Mission (Public Diplomacy and Cultural Affairs) visited Western Sydney Migrant Resources Centre to get a run down of our organisation, from successful settlement at a grass roots level, to social harmonies in and amongst the communities we work with.

The Ambassador was impressed with our services and the number of refugees and migrants we work with on daily basis.

Western Sydney MRC welcomes His Excellency, Mr Karim Medrek with a traditional Moroccan ceremony presenting dates, milk and rose water as the Moroccan tradition.

During his tour at our Liverpool Head Office on Moore Street, his Excellency had the chance to attend the Settlement Services International’s (SSI’s) Orientation session, which was a good opportunity to have a face to face conversations with our newly arrived Refugees and Migrants.

Western Sydney MRC hopes that the Ambassador’s visit strengthens the existing relationship with the Moroccan community. As with many communities, connection, integration and support need to be nurtured. We hope his visit allows us to grow our already strong connection.


2 Words, 2 Worlds

With this certainly being a meeting of 2 worlds, we were also lucky enough to engage His Excellency with our 2 Worlds, 2 Words campaign and he was kind enough to leave us his 2 words of inspiration for our community.


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