Men’s Wellbeing Group- Poetry Group

Western Sydney MRC, through the Liverpool Refugee and Migrant Interagency Health and Wellbeing Subcommittee, launched a weekly men’s group, during which men who speak Arabic were invited to come together to learn more about mental wellbeing. The men attended a seven-part series of poetry workshops, exploring concepts of mental wellbeing, through the Five Ways to Wellbeing approach.

Connect – Talk and listen, be there, feel connected.
Give – Your time, your words, and your presence.
Take Notice – Remember the simple things that give you joy.
Keep Learning – Embrace new experiences, see opportunities, surprise yourself.
Be Active – Do what you can, enjoy what you do, move your mood.

Mental health issues amongst men can often be overlooked, particularly within refugee and migrant communities. The Five Ways to Wellbeing approach is a methodology that was developed in the United Kingdom, using evidence-based research relating to mental health. The approach has been taken on board by communities and organisations all over the world, helping individuals tackle difficult circumstances through strategies that can be incorporated into everyday life.

The group of men continued to meet to write poetry and play music, as a means of connecting, and expressing thoughts that otherwise tended to remain unaddressed. This avenue to self-expression allowed them to navigate through their own emotions and express what wellbeing meant to them.

The poems written by the participants were collated and, through the help of the UTS Shopfront program, turned into a calendar for 2018. The money raised from the calendars will be used to fund such initiatives, including further funding for the program itself to ensure its continuation.

To purchase a calendar please contact: Meredith Stuebe on [su_highlight background=”#ffffff” color=”#125eff”][/su_highlight] or call 02 8778 1209

Price: $20.00 (inc gst) + postage or pick up from Western Sydney MRC office.

All profits will be reinvested into continuing the Men’s Group that produced the poems and activities at the Western Sydney MRC that support newly arrived refugees.
Project in partnership with Liverpool City Council, SWS Local Health District Mental Wellbeing Health Promotion Team and DAMEC


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