Meet our team

All our team is dedicated to their work, their clients and community. This year our annual report highlighted a few of the team, each with drive, passion and empathy.

Aunty Pio Macri, Meyer Nashed and Natalie Pauls

Meet Aunty Pio Macri

Children and Families Coordinator & Wellbeing Ambassador

Since joining to MRC, Aunty Pio has given the MRC a revived sense of family. Empathetic, caring and nurturing, every conversation with Pio is an opportunity to see and feel loved. Across Parenting and Playgroup programs, Pio brings circles of love and security, and we are reminded every day why we are here and that we are powered by community.

Meyer Nashed

Information and Referral Officer

If a settlement directory were to exist, Meyer would be its ambassador. He is known by the community and clients alike as the first face of the MRC. He has a wonderful ability to guide, support all whilst smiling. His commitment is unwavering, and we expect you see his light shine from the end of Moore Street.

Natalie Pauls


Natalie is calm and collected. Having worked several years on front desk her acknowledgement of the sector is second to none. She is caring and compassionate and goes above and beyond with each of her clients. Natalie takes the time, a the pace of the client, based on their needs and capacity. She is dedicated and wants to see the organisation move into wrap around families services and mental health supports.

Meet more of our team in our 2019-2020 Annual Report.