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2 Worlds 2 Words

Our 2 Worlds 2 Words campaign highlights the story of our refugee and migrant community leaving behind their world to come to a new world, Australia. In some ways they are still living in two worlds. 2 Worlds 2 Words is a project that asks us to share two words of hope, strength, confidence or advice for both newly arrived and established individuals.

With the connection that the Western Sydney MRC both creates and builds on with the newly arrived and existing communities, we hope to bring 2 words from organisations near and far covering many different areas of focus.

These simple two words can be spoken in any language and become the inspirational cornerstone for refugees to live independently, and build confidence in their new world.

Western Sydney MRC have been given funding to help encourage older migrants and refugees to be more active and healthy – increasing their independence and participation in the community.

2 Worlds 2 Words Healthy Active Ageing – See More

Many older migrants and refugees are at risk of becoming extremely isolated, putting both their mental and physical health in danger. Many of our community see and feel that ‘active healthy living’ being about the mind first, body second. The more confident and stress-free they feel, the more open they’ll be to the increased activity and independence of exploring beyond their comfort zone.

Watch our video and follow the story of 3 Sisters, Layla, Mansoorah and Sameerah, and how they have settled in Liverpool, NSW. Today we follow the sisters on a trip to the Blue Mountains.

Listen to their 2 words of advice and know that anything is possible when you begin to explore your new surroundings.

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Download the brochures available in English and Arabic to give you tips on Healthy Active Living.

We would like to thank the following organisations and individuals who made this production possible: Layla, Mansoorah and Sameerah Al-Jazani, Firas Bahram and staff at Iraqi Bakery, Vince Scarona and staff at the memorial Fruit Market, Alex Hadi and family at Northumberland Supermarket, The Liveable Communities Grants Team, Department of Family and Community Services, Michael Corridore and Photoplay Photography, The Front, Fanatic Films, Sandcastle Studios, The team at Ward 6, Translators Sarah Elfoul, Ayman Alhaboub and Elham Mandawee, Kaine Reinking and the team at PCYC Liverpool, The Australian Centre for Social Innovation (TACSI), Liverpool City Council and Blue Mountains City Council.

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