Dropzone is back - Wednesday afternoon between 3.30pm - 5:30pm at PCYC Liverpool.

Dropzone is a free after-school program for young people to have fun and socialise through physical activity and free play. Participants can play soccer, basketball, boxing, dance, and more!

Our young people are at a stage in life where both strong male and female mentors are beneficial. The program to date has been a success with all and incorporates working with adults that respect and give young people the opportunities to grow and excel. Dropzone provides new connections within the community, and allows our young people to feel safe, secure and supported across all domains.
We have been able to teach and support a number of skills from following instructions and empowerment to leadership, mentoring and building confidence. An inclusion of Trivia Q&A sessions adds another educational component to the activities, ensuring that we are working all the important muscles of the body including the brain! The program facilitates new friendships and a sense of belonging amongst the group, who are increasingly able to self-regulate and encourage one another to aspire for greatness, engage and stay switched on throughout the sessions.

It is our hope that through these programs, we can help to create young leaders, giving them the skills and capability to pave the way for future generations. We hope to inspire and create a welcoming space for all, a space to feel respected and heard.

To find out more, contact Darren on 8778 1220 or info@wsmrc.org.au.

108 Moore Street, Liverpool NSW 2170
+ 61 2 8778 1200

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