Coffee With A Cop – Leppington

Coffee with a Cop is a project aimed at increasing positive interactions between residents and police officers. This event is held all over the world including Australia and has been successful in breaking down barriers between the overage community and the police officers.  

It’s a great event that provides access for distraction-free conversations with the local officers also it’s an opportunity for the police officers to relax and have a chat with the residents in the community they serve  

During Refugee Week, Western Sydney MRC joined the Fairfield Local Area Command, along with ten other organisations at a local Coffee With a Cop event. The event provided the opportunity to meet and engage with the local community and the developing of relations between police officers and the rest of the community.  

 2 Worlds 2 Words

During the event we were pleased to share our latest campaign, 2 Worlds 2 Words. Many attendees, including the police officers, shared their two words of guidance to help the community in living happier and more safe lives. Read out brochure created with the help of Safekids Pro

Cyber Safety

Whilst the internet is a fantastic resource for adults and children to explore, learn and connect, it also has many risks and dangers. Online predators often target young people because they know they are easier targets. This makes it easier for them to connecting with young people on social networks such as Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. Connecting with people online is very easy, however much of the time it can be with complete strangers. Because of this, it is difficult to monitor what children and young people do online and often they don’t see harm in posting personal information or other content that should not be shared.

If you would like more information or to organise a workshop or seminar on cybersafety, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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