Western Sydney MRC CEO Kamalle Dabboussy celebrates 17 years at the MRC.

Western Sydney MRC CEO Kamalle Dabboussy today celebrates his 17th anniversary at the MRC. 17 years of dedication. His career and spare time unwaveringly devoted to the community. 


Chair of the Board, Councillor Nathan Hagarty

“Congratulations on 17 years with the MRC. For close to two decades you have shown dedication and commitment to the local community. The number of lives impacted by the MRC and your work in particular over this period is immeasurable. On behalf of the board, and the wider community, thank you.”

With Liverpool Mayor Wendy Waller, Harmony Week 2019.

Kamalle often recounts the story of his first day… He says;

“I was hired to close the doors of the MRC. But seeing the need, I pushed for an extension, just one project…. And here we are!”

When asked of how he feels, he speaks of the community, clients and the MRC’s mission and vision with zest and passion.

“My reflection is overwhelmingly positive. The impact you know you’ve made, the feedback from the community, the satisfaction in knowing you are working in people’s best interest. It’s not just about running an organisation, it’s the impact. For all the relationships and connections – I feel blessed. Each person has the ability to make a great impact in the world. Be it to an individual, community or country. I would like to thank all the people that have been part of my and the MRC’s journey, their skills and contributions. I have seen many communities arrive, establish themselves and then give back. Honestly, I feel blessed.”

A message from the staff:

To our CEO Kamalle.

Your humility and authenticity inspire us every day. You are eloquent and articulate, you strive for the betterment of our clients, community and more broadly society. You believe in the power of empathy and, compassion and advocate every single time for those that need it most.

We are lucky to have you not only as our CEO but as a mentor, guide, peer and friend.

Congratulations on 17 years. 

Western Sydney MRC Staff.