Beyond Girl’s Group

Beyond is a program that aims to create a positive environment for local young women, from refugee backgrounds aged between 14-19 to network with female role models.

The program provides a platform for lifelong inspiration, skill sharing and having fun. Beyond facilitates the building of positive relationships within youth peer cohorts and works to develop the confidence of young women in decision making and accessing the larger community sphere. 

Beyond is specifically designed for young women who are from newly arrived refugee backgrounds, having arrived in Australia less than 5 years ago.

The Beyond Young Women’s Group runs each Thursday between 4pm-6pm at various locations throughout Sydney.

The program aims to:

  • promote an inclusive and safe space for young women to network with potential role models
  • provide an opportunity for early intervention and promotion of positive behaviours
  • enable a sense of belonging
  • create a space for young women to develop positive relationships with their peers

The program was designed based on:

  • the issues young women are facing
  • various strategies to combat concerns and issues for young women
  • creation of a positive space for young women to express themselves and develop
  • the development of new skills, connections or goals
  • improving conversational English skills;
  • developing peer-to-peer support network amongst the young women.

Find out more, come along!

The Beyond Girl’s group runs every other term at our offices, 108 Moore Street, Liverpool.

For more information, please contact Sarah on 8778 1200 or