Our Annual General Meeting 2017

On Tuesday 12th December, we held our Annual General Meeting. The event was an opportunity for us to present our Annual Report and reflect on our successes throughout the past year.

This year’s meeting was particularly important as we said farewell to outgoing members and welcomed our new Board Directors.

This year saw a shift in the structure of the Board, with the development of three standing committees to support the Board and recruitment being administered by an independently chaired committee.

These reforms come alongside our organisational shift from an Incorporated Association to a Company Limited by Guarantee, placing us in a strategic position that is performance driven and more capable of addressing the needs of the community. Already, the positive effects of this change have been seen, as documented in our Annual Report 2017.

We are a changing organisation in a rapidly changing environment. New opportunities and ways of operating are needed to meet the aspirations and needs of our communities and the organisation finds itself in one of the most exciting and important points in history.”

Kamalle Dabboussy, CEO of Western Sydney MRC

This organisation has been blessed with the people that have served on the Board over the last twenty-four months… with passion and commitment, they pursued reform…”

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The event was a great opportunity to look back at all of our achievements this year and it was an opportunity to give away our annual report 2016/2017.

Find out about our achievements by reading our annual report.

[su_button url=”https://wsmrc.org.au/annual-reports/” target=”blank” style=”flat” background=”#630fcf” color=”#ffffff” size=”5″]Read our Annual report 2016/2017[/su_button]

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