Youth Mentoring Program

In partnership with CORE Community Services, Illawarra Multicultural Services, and the Multicultural Council of Wagga Wagga, we have developed a new youth mentoring program

Our mentoring program aims to support and build the capacity of young people from a refugee background to achieve their goals and shape their own futures. We have designed a flexible, mixed-mode mentoring program that strives to enhance the economic, social and civic participation of young people and enhance their personal wellbeing and sense of self.

You can get involved in the RYPMP as either a mentee, or mentor. 

Mentees are young people aged 17-25 from a refugee or refugee-like background. We also welcome referrals for young people aged 15-16 at risk of disengaging from education.

Mentors are people aged 21-35 who are keen to spend time with a young person. We ask mentees and mentors to commit for 12-18 months, and to meet at least once monthly. We’ll be running group sessions and hang-outs on a regular basis, which you can count as a monthly meet-up if you’d like.

The program was designed in close consultation with young people, using a series of interactive and participatory workshops hosted by the Multicultural Youth Affairs Network (MYAN) of NSW. In these workshops, MYAN, in collaboration with STARTTS, Navitas, SSI and Western Sydney University, sought the advice of young people from refugee backgrounds, asking what their needs were, how they experienced settlement, and how a youth-focussed program might be used to help them during the settlement period. The result was our exciting and collaborative peer mentoring program that builds the capacity of young people to shape their own futures.

Through the creation of a Youth Advisory Group of young people from refugee backgrounds, we aim to implement a comprehensive approach to recruitment, retention and mentoring success that matches informed mentee-driven needs with mentor skills. In partnership with mentees and mentors, we will ensure the provision of a flexible range of mentoring activities, specifically designed for youth from a refugee background, delivered in different modes and settings and aim to deliver a mentee-driven process of continuous improvement.

We hope to help guide our youth in making socially valuable contributions through our new and exciting youth mentoring program, particularly in the areas of education, employment and efficient delivery of support services.

Have a refugee background or are newly arrived in Australia / or are your parents from a refugee background? Are you keen to make new friends, feel more settled in Australia.
Are you a great listener? Open to sharing experiences, skills and expertisewith a young person aged 15-25 from a refugee /refugee-like background?
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