WSMRC Assist

This page will cover the following information:

  • What is Western Sydney Migrant Resource Centre Assist (WSMRC Assist).
  • How can you gain access to WSMRC ASSIST
  • Online application process


WSMRC ASSIST is a program provided by Western Sydney Migrant Resource Center to assist you in the information dissemination and application requirements for the National disability insurance scheme (NDIS).

WSMRC ASSIST is a free service provided to you alongside your caseworker and walk in service already available from the WSMRC. We will help you to identify places of need for either yourself or your family.

We will help you:

Identify: We will help you to identify if you are eligible to receive NDIS support

Educate: We will provide you with the information you need to feel comfortable with making an NDIS application

Advise: We are available for ongoing support throughout you application

Apply: We will assist you in completing all the relevant forms and supporting documents you may need

Outcomes: We will make sure that you understand the outcomes of your NDIS application and provide ongoing support as well as getting your feedback.

How do I gain access to NDIS AND WSMRC ASSIST?

There are a number of ways you can gain access to these services.

  1. Talk to your caseworker about disability requirements and the NDIS
  2. Review website content provided here and at
  3. Complete the WSMRC ASSIST online form giving Western Sydney MRC the information we need to help you apply and create an NDIS Plan.

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