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At Western Sydney MRC we greatly value the level of insight and support our board members provide. There are 3 categories of membership

Category A – Ethnic Community Organisation membership

Open to any organisation active in the local area, formed principally of persons who regard themselves as members of any specific racial or cultural group, whether born within or outside Australia.

Category B – Community Organisation membership

Open to any voluntary, not for profit, non- political organisation active in the local area, working in the interests of the general community, without limitations by race or culture.

Category C – Individual membership

Open to any person not less than 18 years of age who lives, works or studies in the local area, or who is interested in or knowledgeable of migrant issues and ethnics affairs and wishes to contribute to the objectives ofWestern Sydney MRC.

All members are entitled to be nominated for election to the Management Committee, and to attend and vote at the AGM.

For membership information, please call (02) 8778 1200 or email contact us via email on

Please note that all Memberships are approved by the Management Committee.

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